Tips for moving



Good access can be the difference between 30 mins loading a full van, or two hours.

The closer we can park to your door, the quicker loading and unloading is.

If you have on street parking, the best idea is to save a space next to your house with a few cars the day before and then move them as we turn up

The vans are 6.8 meters long but 7.5 meters is needed to allow room for opening the back doors and loading large items.

If you don’t have cars try some wheelie bins with a bit of paper explaining your moving.


Good boxes (double or triple ply) that are sealed shut with tape,  save time and stack your possessions a lot safer and use the space in the van much more efficiently than bin bags or loose items.

bin bags are good for soft items (bedding/clothing), but if you pack everything in bin bags or everything is loose.

We can’t stack the van as full or as well as we can with boxes, and your belongings are at risk of getting broken.

If you label your boxes on top with rooms etc it will save even more time as we can read as bringing them in, instead of bothering you every time to see were things are going 😉

We are strong, so another way to save time is to use bigger boxes instead of lots of small ones 😉



Small things can save a lot of time (every little helps).

We always load the heavy large items first. (sofas beds cabinets, units etc)

Put boxes on top, then bags, then light miscellaneous light items above if possible.

So if you have lots of boxes and bags stacked on top of or in the way of large items, we have to move them twice.

Also if items are left blocking the stairs, doors and hallways time is wasted moving them twice.

We will do as much or as little as you want us to do tho. So if you have no option but to leave stuff everywhere have no fear, we will manage it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Flat pack can take time to do, so if you can take it apart before we arrive it will save time.

But if you don’t fancy doing it, we have tools and are very well versed at taking apart furniture or even sheds etc.

And we usually reassemble those wobbly IKEA items fixing the issues they all seem to suffer from in the process.

One last tip, if you have cute pets. Hide them before we get distracted admiring them 😉

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