Student Moves

The transporter Norwich knows that 100’s of you students have the task of moving into rented accommodation after the first year of study, we know that moving house is stressful for anyone and we take pride in reducing the burden from the transition. We are the low cost professional alternative to a taxi driver.

We will collect your bags from your room and deliver them safely and promptly to your new room, flat or house.

Typical student moves in Norwich take one hour.
Moves in Norwich with one panel van are £50 per hour two men.
moves in norwich with the big low loader are £65 per hour two men

Moves in Norwich with two panel vans are £85 per hour 3 men.
Moves in Norwich with a panel and low loader are £100 per hour 3 men.
moves in norwich with all three vans are £150 per hour 5 men

(For a long distance quote please provide the pick up and drop off postcodes.)

The transporter always takes pride in reducing costs for the customer by focusing on time management, for example if your getting close to running into the extra hour, we will speed up for you, we don’t rest, we just work on getting the job done, and its the backbone of our reputation.

Multi student moves are available, save time and money by having many students moves at once (theirs plenty of space in the van for 1-8 students belongings at once)

As with all moves if you want to reduce your transportation costs its always best to be well prepared, having boxes or goods available for collection in an easily accessible place and a few extra hands on deck saves a lot of time.

But don’t worry if you are unprepared, we will do all the work if you need us to.

Prices are all inclusive with no hidden fees.

Fully insured with haulage for hire and reward.

Public liability insurance up to one million pounds.

💳Card or cash payments taken💷

For the quickest response please call, text or email.

07914 688835