Domestic Removals

If you’re looking for a professional and cost effective domestic removals company. Then you’re in the rite place, moving those heavy objects carefully is what we do best.

We have plenty of padded blankets, bungee cords and ratchet straps to keep your furniture safe during transit.

With over 100 5 star reviews on our facebook page its clear we are doing something right.

We take care of moving while you relax or with your help. its up to you, we will do as much, or as little as you ask us to do, you are the boss.

We cater for all types of domestic removals including Apartments, Flats, Houses, Bungalows, Wooden Structures, Pubs, Summer houses.

The transporter Norwich prides itself on taking the stress out of moving by lightening the load. We are the professional alternative to doing it yourself.

If furniture needs disassembling and reassembling any you haven’t had time to do it or just don’t fancy the flat pack nightmare. Don’t worry we will take it apart and put back together again no problems. We usually turn those wobbly items solid again in the process, its all part of the service and included in the hourly rate along with washing machine plumbing and electric cooker wiring.
We always carry tools just encase, so if you have shelves or TVs attached to the walls. We can take them down easily and put back up again in the new house if needed, making you feel a bit more at home again before we leave.

Moves in Norwich with one van are £35 per hour one man, £50 per hour two men.

Moves in Norwich with two vans are £75 per hour 2 men, £85 per hour 3 men

The average 1-2 bed flat in Norwich takes 1-4 hours, (one van load)
The average 2-3 bed house in Norwich takes 2-6 hours, (one to two van loads)
The average 4-6 bed house in Norwich takes 4-12 hours. (one to four van loads)

(Flat pack nightmares in need of our attention will add extra time)

Please have a look at our tips for moving section for money saving advice.

Prices are all inclusive with no hidden fees.

Fully insured with haulage for hire and reward.
Public liability insurance up to one million pounds.
Goods in transit insurance up to fifteen thousand pounds.

💳Card or cash payments taken💷

For the quickest response please call, text or email

07914 688835